” (2) Ultimately, the directee does the hard labor, but the

Margaret Guenther, a married Episcopal priest, compares the role of a spiritual director to that of a midwife. “The midwife is present to another in a time of vulnerability, working in areas that are deep and intimate. It is a relationship of trust and mutual respect.” (2) Ultimately, the directee does the hard labor, but the director is there with her, to guide, to wait with, to celebrate when the way becomes clear. The directee must be willing to open herself, to share any relevant details of her life. Nothing should be considered “off the table” for discussion. The director, in turn, holds these life stories in complete confidentiality, asks relevant questions, and seeks to help the directee find God revealed in the experiences of everyday living. The director can also help in nurturing the directee’s relationship with God through prayer and spiritual reading. Spiritual direction provides a sacred space and a dedicated time for reflection.

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