Putty Download For Mac

Putty download for mac is a Terminal emulator that provides support for working with some of the most popular network protocols, such as SSH, FTP, Telnet, and more.

Putty Download For Mac overview

Aside from the extensive customization options and also the logging capabilities, Putty download for mac os sets itself in addition to other utilities that take care of exactly the same functions because of its ability to maintain SSH connections.

Right off the bat, within the Putty main window, you have to choose the network protocol you need to use and supply the hostname/IP address, and the port that should be used.

Furthermore, you can customize the Terminal and window appearance or adjust the default presets for every connection type. Keep in mind that your adjustments apply simply to the current window, which means you need to perform the changes for every new connection.

Worth mentioning is the fact that Putty can open multiple windows simultaneously, so you can handle more than one connection concomitantly. However, during our tests, we have noticed that if you fail to establish the additional connection, the app quits altogether.

At the same time, the system-wide hotkeys for copying or pasting text in the Putty fields do not seem to work. You can bypass the issue by going through the contextual menu and using the arrow and the return keys to make the appropriate selections.

Putty Features

below are the advanced features of putty for mac.

  • Despite its apparent simplicity, PuTTY is highly configurable
  • and includes many options to tweak connections, sessions,
  •  SSH security features and even the window’s appearance.
  •  Highly configurable ,Very reliable

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Memory Clean Download for mac

Whenever you finish working with an application that takes a big chunk of your resources it is advisable to purge your Mac’s memory on your own in order to get your system back to normal as soon as possible.

Minimalist and low-key memory monitoring and optimization for both beginner and advanced users

Memory Clean Download for mac overview

Memory Clean 2 is a simple status bar menu application that can asses the current status of your RAM, display a colorful graph taking into account the current memory statistics and then help you free up memory with a simple click of a mouse button.

By default, Memory Clean 2 will show the amount of free memory in the status bar icon. If you press it, you will be able to view other details in a separate window: the amount of active, wired, inactive, free and used memory, but also a total.

Furthermore, in order to optimize your Mac’s memory usage you have to simply click the “Clean Memory” button at the bottom of Memory Clean 2’s main window.

Built-in “Auto Clean” feature designed to completely automate the RAM cleaning process

The same information is available in the status bar menu if you right click on the Memory Clean 2 icon. In addition, you can access the app’s preferences and change the default text style and size, the threshold level or the refresh interval.

What’s more, you can enable the “Auto Clean” function which will trigger the cleaning process if the free memory drops below the threshold. Keep in mind that your computer might not function properly during the cleaning process.

 Memory Clean Download for mac Features

Handles everything from importing to sharing your photos

Interesting range of effects

Add tags to organise your photos

Additional features like the ability to create movies, montages, and screensavers

Online sharing features

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VLC Media Player download for mac

 VLC Media Player (also known as VLC), packs both of these within one intuitive interface that will give you quick and direct access to features as advanced as you want.

Media player with support for a vast array of multimedia formats

Vlc media player overview

Although its main window won’t impress you, its Preferences window will enable you to adjust a staggering number of options when clicking the innocent looking “Show All” button.

Among its most popular features is also the fact that it comes with built-in support to a plethora of input media, as well as the most popular video and audio formats nowadays.

Additionally, aside from being able to play all of them, VLC Media Player will also help one convert between nearly all and stream them on a network of your choice.


Online music and video services browser

Furthermore, just in case you’re not one to keep a collection of music on your own Mac, VLC Media Player also comes with a built-in Internet music services browser, neatly tucked within its main window sidebar.

This makes it really easy to quickly browse a set of free music charts, the Freebox TV’s listing, an extensive directory of online radios via the Icecast Directory and the Kamendo Selections, as well as a almost unlimited supply of videos and video podcasts provided by the Channels.com service.

Large variety of audio configuration options

Moreover, while playing multimedia content, you can use VLC Media Player’s “Audio Effects” window to enable and adjust an equalizer, a dynamic range compressor, an audio spatializer and a number of filters that will make the audio experience a lot more enjoyable, for example, if you’re watching your movies or listening to podcasts wearing headphones.

Multimedia player with support for a vast amount of audio and videos formats

All in all, VLC Media Player may not have a user interface that matches Apple’s design guidelines, but its extensive set of features speaks for itself once you put it to work.

What’s more, its GPL license and comprehensive multimedia format support are surely worth taking into consideration when searching for a new or better multimedia player for your Mac.

free download vlc media player

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Quicktime pro Download For mac

QuickTime Pro Free Download latest version setup in direct link. It’s not just simple media player but a full multimedia experience with latest features.

QuickTime Pro Overview

QuickTime Pro is a reliable and strong base for a breath taking multimedia experience. QuickTime Pro is not just a media player , it has many other feature that make it an irresistible tool that everyone would love to have in their system.

QuickTime Pro Logo

The tool which has been developed by Apple Inc can be used to convert your movies and other videos in different formats so that you can watch them on your iPod, iPhone as well as on Apple TV. With this tool you can also record your video and can share your moments with everyone including your friends and family members.

QuickTime Pro has some great components that has enhanced the functionality of this tool. The DivX codec in this tool permits you to play the DivX video in QuickTime. It also includes some enhanced tools to create your own DivX video. For your 3D playback solution, QuickTime Pro has an integration with Autodesk. Autodesk supports all the 3D contents. User can experience a jaw opening 3D viewing.

Apple has introduced full screen mode in this tool, control buttons have been disappeared that has made the viewing more crispier. On a conclusive note we can say that QuickTime Pro from Apple is a tool that will definitely leave a soothing effect on you as it has revolutionized that multimedia experience.

QuickTime Pro Features

Listed below are some of the features which you will experience after QuickTime Pro free download.

Easy to use.

Can convert videos to be played on your iPod and iPhone.

Easy to install.

Integration with Autodesk for stunning 3D experience.

DivX Codec for playing DivX videos.

Full screen mode introduced.

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Python Download For Mac

python download for mac os is a general-purpose programming language that is easy to learn and which can help you work faster and integrate systems more efficiently. Pythondownload for mac os features high-level data structures, as well as an effective approach to object-oriented programming.

Python Download For Mac overview 

Python’s intuitive syntax and dynamic typing to effortlessly deploy applications and scripts in an array of areas and operating systems.

Hence, you should employ Python to create web frameworks and micro-frameworks or advanced content management systems..

Python may also be used in scientific and numeric computing owing to SciPy – a collection of packages for science, engineering and mathematics, IPhyton – an interactive shell for work session editing and recording, Pandas – a data analysis and modeling library as well as the Software Carpentry Course which lets you get the fundamental skills for running bootcamps, scientific computing and reach open-access teaching materials.

What is more, Python can be used as teaching programming to both novices plus much more experience users. Additionally, Python can be used support language for app developers and for testing, management and make control.It is possible to extend Python with new functions and knowledge types implemented in C++ or C and use it as an extension language for various applications.

Moreover, Python is capable of comprehend arrays / lists along with other compound data types. You will soon index, slice and manipulate them using the built-in functions.

Python Download For Mac features

These are the advanced features of python

  • Intuitive interpretation
  • Definable functions
  • Easy to learn
  • Numerous built-in functions
  • Extensible
  • Built-in functions

Free download python for mac

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RAR Expander Download for mac

RAR Expander is a lightweight and open source Mac app distributed under GPL license for extracting files from RAR archives. Although there are many alternatives for unarchiving files, RAR Expander enables you to also work with multi-part archives and password-protected RAR files.

RAR Expander Download for mac overview

Like many utilities of its kind, RAR Expander does not feature a main graphical interface. Its visual elements consist of a window that tells you to use the ‘Expand’ option in the File menu.

The RAR Expander  application also includes a preferences window to select the destination folder, to customize an option for including the files inside the RAR files into a folder, and to toggle the audio alert.

After installing RAR Expander, you can seamlessly unarchive RAR files. The great thing about this tool is that it can handle multi-part archives, which means that it can expand archives that are split into multiple parts, each contained in a separate file.

Another advantage of using RAR Expander is that you can choose the output folder for the expanded files. What’s more, you can select to always choose the destination folder before the files are being extracted.

RAR Expander is what its name says – a straightforward RAR expander. Nevertheless, it comes with a few extra features that makes it stand out from the rest of RAR unarchivers. Although it’s still under development, RAR Expander is rock-solid and delivers plenty of handy features for a no-frills open-source utility.

  Rar expander Features

Below are the advanced features  of rar expander

  •     Simple and stable
  •     Supports single and multi part archives
  •     Zips and unzips files

RAR Expander free Download for mac

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Prezi Classic Download for mac

Prezi Classic free download for mac os is a well-designed and user-oriented multi-platform application that makes it easy for you to create, share and display presentations. Prezi Prezi Classic download for Mac is a versatile app that lets you make professional-looking presentations. It’s like a free, pared-down version of PowerPoint.

Prezi Classic Download for mac overview

Prezi Classic Download for Mac,  with this you can handle all of your prezis and keep them synchronized for fast access, effortless editing and smooth-running presentations. What is more, Prezi lets you present your ideas and projects without needing an active Internet connection.

From Prezi Classic’s main window it is simple to view, manage and organize all of your synced prezis along with the ones stored on the local machine. On top of that, the left side panel can help you import a prezi and make multiple folders for the presentations.Choose the appropriate presentation theme or create your own

You can create a prezi starting with a blank page or use one of the available templates to get started more easier. Once you’ve decided which template to use, you’ll be able to fill it with your information and ideas as the presentation shapes.

Most of the available presentation elements are under the Insert drop-down menu that enables you to quickly insert frames, images, symbols and shapes and YouTube videos.

Prezi Classic Download for mac Features

Below are the advanced features of prezi

  • Prezis comes with attractive interface
  • Very easy to edit and customize
  • Minimal skills needed to create a prezi

Free download prezi  for mac

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Realplayer Download for mac


RealPlayer SP download for mac os is a comprehensive and straightforward OS X multimedia player, internet browser, video downloader and video converter, designed from the get-go to provide you with the required tools and features to handle your multimedia content using a Mac.

Realplayer Download for mac overview

RealPlayer SP download for mac os comes with a user-oriented interface from which you have quick and easy access to the media player, internet browser and video downloader.From RealPlayer SP’s main window you can easily control the playback of your multimedia content, adjust the sound volume, change the size of the window, skim through the loaded video and copy it to your mobile device.

Video downloader for grabbing multiple files at a time

Furthermore, the RealPlayer Downloader helps you to simultaneously download multiple videos from various websites and save them to your Mac’s hard disk. The downloader also makes it possible to choose if you want to download movies in the FLV or the MP4 video format

RealPlayer SP is compatible with most popular media formats, such as AVI, FLV, RealMedia formats, MP4 and QuickTime.

Thanks to the built-in converter, you can convert your video files into a variety of video formats with just a few mouse clicks.

By accessing the RealPlayer Converter, you can choose an encoding profile from the predefined list and customize it to your preferences. The converter offers a long list of encoding profiles which are compatible with various mobile devices, players, game consoles and iOS devices.

 Realplayer features

Below are the advanced features of the realplayer

  • Intuitive interface
  • Support for most popular video and audio formats
  • Built-in internet browser and video downloader
  • Export to iTunes library

Free download Real player for mac

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Picasa download for mac

Picasa download for mac os is a clean styled and powerful OS X application designed to provide you with a long list of tools and features that can help you organize, edit, adjust and share your photos and videos with ease.

Intuitive and user-friendly interface

Picasa download for mac overview

Picasa application has a user-oriented interface that you can easily browse and preview your whole video and photo collection, once you’ve added these to your library using the Import tool

After you’ve added these to Picasa’s library, your pictures could be rated, geo-tagged, edited and distributed to your friends and relatives via e-mail or your Google+ profile.

Organize and type your images and videos

Built-in photo editing tools with alongside image editing and comparison

Furthermore, Picasa’s built-in image editor can help you crop your pictures, retouch them, add text and take away red-eyes from the image. You might also need use of numerous image effects you can use to further help your images, as well as a wide selection of tools for fixing and adjusting your photos.

In addition, Picasa offers you with a Alongside editing feature that can help you compare two different photos or even the original using the edited version inside the same window, while you’re working on it.

As an added bonus, Picasa makes it easy to preview video files, rapidly upload them to your YouTube account, take quick snapshots and export them to any location of your choice.

 Picasa download for mac Features

Below are the Features of picasa

Built-in photo editor

  • Uploading and sharing features
  • Photo tagger
  • Geo-location features
  • Collection organizer

Free download picasa for mac

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Serato dj download for mac

The Serato brand is one of the most renowned DJ software brands in existence, mainly due to their product. it is best the music player and music mixer app for mac.

Serato dj overview

Serato DJ is music mixing program using high-end controllers. At the moment, Serato DJ only works with a Pioneer DDJ-SX controller, a genuinely professional controller. Even if you do not own a controller, you can also use Serato DJ with a keyboard and mouse.

Serato DJ has, besides a complete and well-arranged interface, every single feature you could want from a program of these characteristics:

Serato DJ has four mixing decks, a cue system with 8 cue points, a thorough loop system, superfast Auto BPM, a samples player and effects of impressive quality.

The sound spectrum display for songs is really noteworthy, since they make mixing much easier, as is its full integration with Scratch Live, ITCH, DJ Intro, and whitelabel.net, so importing music is a piece of cake.

Serato DJ is an amazing program that includes everything necessary to mix and record music like a pro. And it’s free!

Serato DJ is a powerful software solution for controlling a great number of DJ mixers and players.

Also, the Serato DJ app comes with wide array of features and accessibility that deliver the performance which sets a new standard for controller DJs.

The Serato DJ application is likely to meet the demands of all novice or professional DJs.

Moreover, Serato DJ is cross-platform and it works on Mac OS X and Windows. Binaries for the Windows platform are available on the project’s homepage.

Serato dj features

Below are the advanced features

  •     Professional mixing
  •     Well-designed interface
  •     Quality effects
  •     Up to 4 decks
  •     8 cue points
  •     Useful help menu

Free download serato for mac