Ascended Extra: Juan Corrida gets this

Read it here [1]. He’s still incredibly competitive with Matt Engarde, yes, and he still forged Celeste’s suicide note with the intent of reading it aloud after the Grand Prix in order to kill Matt’s career, but his reasons for doing this were VERY different that what was presented in canon. Though it still ended with her death, and almost everyone believing he was responsible for driving her to kill herself. Ascended Extra: Juan Corrida gets this. Juan was originally the victim of Farewell, My Turnabout who is killed five minutes into the case; he has no sprite, and no lines,and his only living onscreen appearance is a brief one in a full body, face concealing costume, and while his death was significant to the plot, he himself is never mentioned again outside of the case he’s introduced in. In this story, he’s the hero, and the story is told entirely from his POV. Celeste Inpax is this to a lesser extent; in the game, she was dead long before the main plot kicked off, and her death served entirely to provide motives to different people. Here, she is a strong presence from the moment she’s introduced,and her inevitable Death by Canon is one of the biggest turning points in the story. Adaptational Sexuality: while both Matt and Juan explicitly are only ever stated to have dated women in the game, in this they have a secret and ultimately destructive, though it did not start out that way] relationship with each other. [[spoiler: One that Matt takes a lot more seriously than Juan does. At one point, almost in passing, Juan identifies himself as bisexual via the narrative, and his relationship with Matt is explicitly sexual throughout the story. In Matt’s case, it’s unclear if he’s also bisexual or not; he is said to date a number of women, true but at one point Celestespeculates, not without cause, that he may only be doing that in a misguided attempt to make Juan jealous. Adaptational Expansion: explores the characters and backstories of Farewell, My Turnabout in much greater depth than the game ever did, especially in regards to Juan Corrida and Celeste Inpax, both of whom are relatively minor characters in the Ace Attorney history. the Les yay from the game, in regards to Adrian’s intense attatchment to Celeste, are expanded upon and turned into a outright mentor crush. Mutual love for Celeste is actually one of the things she and Juan bond over before their falling out. She is pretty explicitly uninterested in men. Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick: Not actually used in the fic proper, but a supplementary sketch [4] done for the fic shows an exchange that PROBABLY happened when Juan finally spills the beans to Celeste about him and Matt Juan: So we talked, got drunk, and cough jerked each other off cough and then.

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