Justin was frozen for centuries and revived in the 1940s

The Crimson Avenger: Lee Travis, newspaper publisher by day and crime fighter by night who battles crime with his fists and with his crimson gas gun. His chauffeur Wing acts as his sidekick http://jfpontagarca.com/2012/11/24/didnt-think-this-through-the-developers-were-notorious-for/, and is the unofficial eighth member of the team. Vigilante: Greg Sanders (later Saunders), singing cowboy, who adopted the identity of the Vigilante after he brought his father’s killers to justice. Sanders is an excellent hand to hand fighter, trick shooter, sharpshooter, horseman and motorcycle rider, and an expert with the lariat. The Star Spangled Kid: Wealthy Sylvester Pemberton, secretly fighting crime with the aid of his acrobatic skills and hand to hand combat prowess. He and his adult sidekick Stripesy have a series of codes worked out for their various fighting maneuvers, and a mechanical car named the Star Rocket Racer that can change into a jet. Green Arrow and Speedy: The Golden Age Oliver Queen and Roy Harper differ in many details from the modern version of these characters, but they are still incredibly talented archers and use this talent to fight crime. Shining Knight: Sir Justin, a knight of King Arthur, was given by Merlin a suit of magical armor that would protect him from all harm, and a magical sword that would cut through anything. Merlin also gave Justin’s horse wings and the ability to fly. Justin was frozen for centuries and revived in the 1940s, where he applies his honor as a knight to fighting crime in the present day.

Brian takes this tropes to new levels. Lost Episode: Many audio reviews from late 2006 summer 2010 were never released until December 2010. Plenty of other reviews, such as Casino Royale (2006), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Inglourious Basterds and Winter’s Bone are still missing, though. Also, the infamous LEOG Halloween episodes. Magical Negro: Morgan Freeman is often referred to as the “magical, mystical negro”. During one review, Cyrus fears that he and Carlyle are only kept on the site to be Korey and Leon’s “magical, mystical white guys”. Mind Screw: The Time Travel episode of LEOG starts with the last segment, Beau is back, and Harris is dating some woman named Kelly. it turns out it was the result of Leon tampering with Peters Time machine/web shooters N Word Privileges: One of their main problems with Django Unchained was that they felt that Quentin Tarantino didn’t have these privileges. It’s also used in the video review, where Leon tackles on the Token White Cyrus and beats the shit out of him (off screen) after he tries to use the N word like Korey and Co Host did throughout the review. Nature Abhors a Virgin: Early on, Cyrus was often mocked for being a virgin. No Pronunciation Guide: Used as Lampshade Hanging when dealing with names such as Saorise Ronan and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Nothing Exciting Ever Happens Here: In their review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1:Leon: This is for everybody who’s been reading or watching the movies up till now.

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