Putty Download For Mac

Putty download for mac is a Terminal emulator that provides support for working with some of the most popular network protocols, such as SSH, FTP, Telnet, and more.

Putty Download For Mac overview

Aside from the extensive customization options and also the logging capabilities, Putty download for mac os sets itself in addition to other utilities that take care of exactly the same functions because of its ability to maintain SSH connections.

Right off the bat, within the Putty main window, you have to choose the network protocol you need to use and supply the hostname/IP address, and the port that should be used.

Furthermore, you can customize the Terminal and window appearance or adjust the default presets for every connection type. Keep in mind that your adjustments apply simply to the current window, which means you need to perform the changes for every new connection.

Worth mentioning is the fact that Putty can open multiple windows simultaneously, so you can handle more than one connection concomitantly. However, during our tests, we have noticed that if you fail to establish the additional connection, the app quits altogether.

At the same time, the system-wide hotkeys for copying or pasting text in the Putty fields do not seem to work. You can bypass the issue by going through the contextual menu and using the arrow and the return keys to make the appropriate selections.

Putty Features

below are the advanced features of putty for mac.

  • Despite its apparent simplicity, PuTTY is highly configurable
  • and includes many options to tweak connections, sessions,
  •  SSH security features and even the window’s appearance.
  •  Highly configurable ,Very reliable

Free download Putty for mac

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