RCMP say both of the injured Mounties

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“I’m proud of my son,” Hlne Rousseau told reporters in French about Ross, a police dog services handler with the Codiac RCMP. “He loved his work he lived and breathed his work.”Ross was a father and a man “who had a great amount of faith,” she said.On mobile? Watch the news conference with Dave Ross’s family hereReflecting on her last phone call with her son, Rousseau said she remembered speaking with him earlier this month on a video chat and watching him interact with her grandson.”I saw so much love in his eyes. I’ll remember it as a good memory,” she said.Hlne Rousseau, mother of slain RCMP Const. Dave Ross, speaks with reporters at a press conference about her son. (CBC)”Two days before his death http://la-articlehunter.com/general/to-see-all-content-on-the-sun-please-use-the-site-map/, before we hung up, he said, ‘Mom, never forget that I love you.'”Ross was named among three RCMP officers killed in the Moncton shooting. Two other officers were wounded. RCMP say both of the injured Mounties, constables ric Stphane J. Dubois and Marie Darlene Goguen, have since been released from hospital.In a statement Friday, the three slain officers were identified as:Const. Dave Ross, 32, from Victoriaville, Que.Const. Fabrice Georges Gevaudan, 45, who was born in Boulogne Billancourt, France.Const. Douglas James Larche, 40, from Saint John.”This is a trying time for our members as we have lost three of our own and two more are hospitalized,” RCMP Assistant Commissioner Roger Brown said in the statement.”I commend our members for their dedication and professionalism as they were able to stay focused on the task at hand and getting results throughout this ordeal bringing the situation to a quick end.”.

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