Realplayer Download for mac


RealPlayer SP download for mac os is a comprehensive and straightforward OS X multimedia player, internet browser, video downloader and video converter, designed from the get-go to provide you with the required tools and features to handle your multimedia content using a Mac.

Realplayer Download for mac overview

RealPlayer SP download for mac os comes with a user-oriented interface from which you have quick and easy access to the media player, internet browser and video downloader.From RealPlayer SP’s main window you can easily control the playback of your multimedia content, adjust the sound volume, change the size of the window, skim through the loaded video and copy it to your mobile device.

Video downloader for grabbing multiple files at a time

Furthermore, the RealPlayer Downloader helps you to simultaneously download multiple videos from various websites and save them to your Mac’s hard disk. The downloader also makes it possible to choose if you want to download movies in the FLV or the MP4 video format

RealPlayer SP is compatible with most popular media formats, such as AVI, FLV, RealMedia formats, MP4 and QuickTime.

Thanks to the built-in converter, you can convert your video files into a variety of video formats with just a few mouse clicks.

By accessing the RealPlayer Converter, you can choose an encoding profile from the predefined list and customize it to your preferences. The converter offers a long list of encoding profiles which are compatible with various mobile devices, players, game consoles and iOS devices.

 Realplayer features

Below are the advanced features of the realplayer

  • Intuitive interface
  • Support for most popular video and audio formats
  • Built-in internet browser and video downloader
  • Export to iTunes library

Free download Real player for mac

to download real player authentic version click the following link,Real player is the best  multimedia player software for your pc.

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