Straight Gay: Jimbo wasn’t bleeped when he said the word “fag”

Betrayal Insurance: Stemming from his very dark view of humanity, he is especially good at this, and often structures his plans so that even betrayal by a close ally will not doom them to failure. A triple betrayal (by three independently acting conspirators) did manage to sabotage his bid to game the US Presidential elections, however. Though even then it was arguably a close call. Beware the Superman: As befits a Nazi, Red Skull wants to control all possible threats against humanity. He doesn’t like superheroes, and hates super powered mutants, who usurp humanity’s destiny. He also wants to destroy Sub Mariner and his empire of nonhumans, who often threaten and invade human countries. Big Bad: One of the major supervillain threats on a planet drowning in them, and one of the most despicably evil. Black and Gray Morality: In more recent, darker and more cynical stories, Cap is Good and the Skull is Evil, but the US government Cap works for can be involved in some rather shady business, and run by rather nasty people. Black and White Morality: In the early stories, Captain America is Good and the Red Skull is Evil. Full stop. Black Shirt: Started out like one of these, before he became The Dragon, and finally the Evil Overlord himself. Born Win

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replica goyard handbags Characterization Marches On: They’ve been considerably more calm and level headed in recent seasons (though granted this may be partially due to being Out of Focus and are still among the mindless panicking masses in South Park usually). Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Until recently, Ned pretty much vanished off the face of the Earth. Living Prop: Ned usually just stands there to make short comments via his voice box and hardly contributes to the plot. Loophole Abuse: They often use phrases like “It’s coming right for us!” and “Thin out their numbers!” in order to get around “pussy laws” regarding hunting. Manly Men Can Hunt More Dakka: See No Kill Like Overkill below. Nice Guy: Uncle Jimbo, which isn’t to say he can’t mess up or do wrong from time to time, but overall he’s one of the nicest adults on the show. In more recent episodes one could argue he’s a better parental figure towards Stan than Randy is. No Kill Like Overkill: They hunt using Napalm, bazookas, explosives, and flamethrowers. Out of Focus: Ned hasn’t had much focus in the recent seasons, usually appearing in crowd scenes. He has not had a speaking role in the series since “Here Comes the Neighborhood”. He has, however, had lines in the video games Let’s Go Tower Defense Play! and Stick of Truth, indicating that Trey Parker is still capable of doing the voice. Refugee from Time: Possibly the reason they are Out of Focus. They’re Vietnamn vets which means that at the youngest they’d be in their mid 60s by now. It was perfectly reasonable (albiet starting to push it) for this to be the case when the show started back in The ’90s, but considering that nobody has been allowed to age for the past two decades, this emerged. Alternatively, it may have been retconned or forgotten about but it would still be unlikely. Satellite Character: Ned. Straight Gay: Jimbo wasn’t bleeped when he said the word “fag” when Mr. Garrison mentions gay people’s N Word Privileges when it comes to that particular word. There Is No Kill Like Overkill: They often use automatic weapons and rocket launchers to hunt deer and rabbits. Trrrilling Rrrs: In “Summer Sucks”, Ned can somehow do this despite speaking through his voice box. Unwitting Instigator of Doom: In “Scott Tenorman Must Die”, they are the ones who teach Cartman to aim for his target’s weaknesses during his war with Scott Tenorman. This costs the latter boy his parents’ lives. Vocal Evolution: Ned’s synthesized voice in “Volcano” was a lot more authentic sounding, as opposed to later episodes where it became a highly transparent imitation replica goyard handbags.

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