RAR Expander Download for mac

RAR Expander is a lightweight and open source Mac app distributed under GPL license for extracting files from RAR archives. Although there are many alternatives for unarchiving files, RAR Expander enables you to also work with multi-part archives and password-protected RAR files.

RAR Expander Download for mac overview

Like many utilities of its kind, RAR Expander does not feature a main graphical interface. Its visual elements consist of a window that tells you to use the ‘Expand’ option in the File menu.

The RAR Expander  application also includes a preferences window to select the destination folder, to customize an option for including the files inside the RAR files into a folder, and to toggle the audio alert.

After installing RAR Expander, you can seamlessly unarchive RAR files. The great thing about this tool is that it can handle multi-part archives, which means that it can expand archives that are split into multiple parts, each contained in a separate file.

Another advantage of using RAR Expander is that you can choose the output folder for the expanded files. What’s more, you can select to always choose the destination folder before the files are being extracted.

RAR Expander is what its name says – a straightforward RAR expander. Nevertheless, it comes with a few extra features that makes it stand out from the rest of RAR unarchivers. Although it’s still under development, RAR Expander is rock-solid and delivers plenty of handy features for a no-frills open-source utility.

  Rar expander Features

Below are the advanced features  of rar expander

  •     Simple and stable
  •     Supports single and multi part archives
  •     Zips and unzips files

RAR Expander free Download for mac

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