These guidelines gives an overview of the objectives and

The aim of the European Voluntary Service is to support young people’s participation in various forms of voluntary activities, both within and outside the European Union. It contains important information about what volunteers can expect from their Sending and Host Organisations and what the organisations can expect from the volunteer. The content of the Kit may wary from country to country, but four compulsory parts are provided by the European Commission and are common for all volunteers:What to expect from EVS;Youthpass in EVS;18 rue de CourcellesOne of the key features of EVS is the training and evaluation it provides, guiding young volunteers through a non formal learning process before, during and after their period of service abroad. These guidelines gives an overview of the objectives and expected achievements of the various trainings provided for the volunteers. The guidelines are intended for anybody involved in the training of EVS volunteers, as well as for the volunteers themselves.

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